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the 15). One of the most important concepts here is that to store or retrieve data with a Backblaze Storage Pod, it is always through https. The Storage Pod.0 is designed for dual evga Supernova NEX750G power supplies, at top-left. Backblazes open-source Reed-Solomon encoding algorithm is used to distribute the data across the cluster. An HPC vendor who has been called in more than once to clean up after backblaze-related disasters. Thats 22 percent less than our Storage Pod.0 storage server that used 45 drives to store data for.044/GB. . Via their custom software and use of many pods at once Backblaze has built an infrastructure that requires very little effort in the datacenter. Included in your shipment are the items listed below,.0 chassis, 2 evga 750w Power Supplies (non-redundant Dynatron CPU fan and all cabling/screws needed to get zur platte essen your unit up and running. Backblaze Storage Pod, our secret to inexpensive cloud storage - and you can build one. In our next few blog posts well talk about why we DID decide to build one of these pods and what our experiences were. He has verifiable tales of folks losing their jobs over projects like this. The Backblaze Storage Pod is just one part of building a cloud storage service. The two PCI-32 slots are unoccupied. They have openly stated that their only performance metric is can we saturate the GigE link as we load a pod with data Backblaze has an unusual duty cycle. By populating the Storage Pod.0 with 8TB drives, its possible to amass.8PB in a standard rack. At 3TB per drive you can get 135 terabytes of raw capacity into a single storage pod. One thing to know is that Backblaze does not sell Storage Pods and since the design is open source so we dont provide support or warranty for anyone who chooses to build their own Storage Pods. Gina's Pod, crispin Porter Bogusky. Operating System, linux, debian 7, this unit is pre-assembled, but you can see all of the parts in detail in our: Step by Step Assembly Instructions and, startup Guide. M 1 872.00 872.00 850 Watt Power Supply Zippy PSL-6850P Power Supply m 1 355.99 355.99 Motherboard Supermicro MBD-X9SCL-F (MicroATX) m 1 151.99 151.99 8GB DDR3 RAM Kingston 4GB KVR16E11S8 DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) m.90.80 CPU Intel Core i3 processor i3-3240. We built our own software layer to monitor pod and vaults, decide where to store data and how to encrypt it, deduplicate it, and index. While most servers don't activate components until the server soft-powers on (fans, drives, etc. That alignment keeps the majority of the systems weight the hard drive bays supported directly by the rails. Our fully assembled unit is put together, burned in and thoroughly tested before being shipped out. . If you build this yourself totally DIY you will be required to create custom wiring harnesses. It looks like a few days a week are spent deploying new ersepark uetze pods and Im guessing that failing pods are drained of data and then pulled out to be totally rebuilt or refreshed. You could lose your job, ive been in the HPC/informatics world for quite some time now and am lucky enough to be friends with people who are way smarter and more accomplished than.

HMA41GR7AFR4NUH, power Supply 2 evga 750w, the unit hosts vodafone brand new wiring harness technology. Decide where to store data and how to encrypt. Drive guides and a new removable backplane tray.

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Updated June 27 2014, you may telefon find better prices with a little more research. This process is proprietary technology that we have developed over the years. They are very capable of building you a Backblaze inspired Storage Pod that can be customized if desired 0, pod, in fact 7GHz 0GTs 10MB code LGA 2011 CPU. Helped design Version, backuppods sells the stock Backblaze design. Over the years weapos, backblaze Storage Pod, they engineer around hardware and data reliability concerns by using many pods and custom software.

It carries a far higher operational and administrative burden than storage arrays traditionally sold into the enterprise.