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basic data you provided for your Visa card application and other personal data (occupation, marital status, income, dependent children, place of birth, nationality) will be collected only by the Landesbank Bank (BW-Bank). Payback bei dm, punkten leicht gemacht, ob auf oder im dm-Markt halten Sie bei jedem Einkauf Ihre payback Karte bereit. In such cases, you must prove the inaccuracy or incompleteness. This data will not be transferred to partner companies or payback. However, all other cashing options are available for such points without limitation. Your data will be deleted immediately after performing the action. If you provided your bank account information for discount payouts, only payback will collect and save this information and use it for payouts. Näheres erfahren Sie durch einen Klick auf das "i" i Dauerhaft aktivieren und Datenübertragung zustimmen: Facebook Twitter Google). Partner companies and payback save and use the above-stated data for these advertising and market research purposes. Viele Vorteile, als payback Kunde profitieren Sie von besonderen Aktionen. Für jeden vollen Euro Ihres Einkaufs bekommen Sie einen payback Punkt. Kaufen Sie mit der payback Visa- oder der payback American Express Karte ein, gibt es noch mehr Punkte. You can also send questions and reports via email. Your personal data will only be transferred to the other partner companies or to third parties not involved in the program except for in cases of suspicions of specific abuse if and when you expressly approve this transfer towards payback (e.g., for payback services through. Payback points earned first will be paid out first. The payback Verein reserves the right to suspend, supplement or change the payback program with an appropriate notice period for important reason and without notice in appropriate consideration of your concerns. 9 .

Partner companies reserve the right to collect your data exclusively through your payback card. Mit Ihrer WunschPIN können Sie sich zukünftig ganz einfach und schnell einloggen und die payback Services nutzen. On request, if you provided your approval for advertising and market research. Payback Verein administers discounts and other account balances that were credited to you as a payback customer in preise form of payback points by payback partner companies. Secondary payback Program Card A secondary card will allow you to let a second person help collect payback points for you. Twitter oder Google in die USA übertragen und unter Umständen auch dort gespeichert. When using one of its payback client terminals and if specifically payback requested by you through other payback services. Please contact the payback center immediately if you have reason to believe that a third party obtained knowledge of your payback point account PIN number.

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If necessary, including for analytics, during special campaigns, withdrawn. Etc, g O, we and our partners operate globally and use cookies. Revoked, objections about the accuracy or completeness of the reported number of points must be submitted payback preise in writing to the center listed in the report within one month of its receipt. Quantity, or if accounting errors are made or abuse occurs.

I hereby agree to let the partner company from which I received my card and the payback GmbH send me advertisements directed at me (e.g., chances for additional points and special advertising campaigns, such as special offers, discounts, product and service information) by mail, when.