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and captured Turkish daggers are also on display. In the Königsbau are numerous suites of rooms, including the State Apartment of Ludwig I on the first floor and the Nibelungen Halls on the ground floor. From 1923 the Marstall housed the Marstallmuseum which was in 1941 moved into Nymphenburg Palace. The remains were destroyed during the residence fire of 1729. After the kings münchen residenz death, the Winter Garden on the roof of the Festsaalbau of the Residenz Palace was dismantled in 1897. The portals are guarded by two lions and a statue of the Virgin Mary as patroness of Bavaria in a wall niche between the portals on the west side of the residence complex. It was remodelled into a banqueting hall by Friedrich Sustris. The royal living rooms are still preserved, they served primarily for the representation and could be visited by appointment already at that time. In the first three decades of the 20th Century, the collection was extended to house the Renaissance coins, medals and insignia. The Festsaalbau today houses also the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Cuvilliés Theatre (Old Residenz Theatre). It was laid out under King Maximilian. George Hall) an art chamber in the building of the former ducal stables, many collections in Munich originate from there. The northern wing includes the former electoral gallery building which was built by court architect Karl Albert von Lespilliez in 1780/81, today home of a theatre museum (Deutsches Theatermueum). This magnificent display in the Schatzkammer (Treasury) is contained in ten halls in the eastern wing of the Königsbau. Around 1470, under Albert IV (1465-1508 the fortress walls and the gate in the north were buil, followed by the construction of two turrets. The Residenz is the largest city palace. With more than 300,000 coins, medals and banknotes from the ancient world to the present time, it is one of the world's leading collections. So the palace is running dead even with the Nymphenburg Palace and lies ahead of Schleissheim Palace, but clearly behind the castles of King Ludwig II, especially Neuschwanstein. William V (15791597) ordered the construction of the Witwenstock (Widow Wing) for the dowager Duchess Anna and in the four wings of the Grottenhof. The Treasury edit Renaissance Saint George's statue Founded by Duke Albert V the Treasury houses the jewels of the Wittelsbach dynasty. Examples of this are the facade of the Alte münchen residenz Residenz on Residenzstrasse or the Arcades in front of the former throne hall on the first floor of the Festsaalbau. Star Inn Hotel Premium München Domagkstrasse, by Quality. Among the exhibits are Emperor Charles the Bald's prayer-book from around 860, the altar-ciborium of Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia from around 890, the crown of the Empress Cunigunde, reliquary of the True Cross which belonged to the Emperor Henry II, a cross which belonged. Die Schatzkammer der Residenz München. . Prinz Adalbert von Bayern. The Neoclassical Small Throne Room of the Kings of Bavaria The Neo-classical epoch is represented by the Charlotte Rooms ( Charlottenzimmer the Royal Apartments and the Halls of the Battles ( Schlachtensäle ) in the Königsbau.

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Brunnenhof Fountain Courtyard one of the ten courtyards Maximilian I commissioned what is now called the Maximilian Residenz Maximilianische Residenz the west wing of the palace. Named after the wall covering made of green silk damask. The, the octagonal Brunnenhof Fountain Courtyard served as a place for tournaments before the large fahne deutschland Wittelsbach Fountain was erected in the middle of the courtyard in 1610. Antonio Ponzano, but also a gallery for paintings and mirrors. Residenz German, these wings it was claimed would have destroyed the overall impression of the court gardens. The rich decoration was executed by Johann Baptist Zimmermann. Esidnts, the hall was adorned with paintings by Peter Candid. Some of the buildings, the Festsaalbau edit Festsaalbau of the Residenz The neoclassical 250 metre long Banqueting Hall Wing Festsaalbau in the north section of the Residenz was added between 18 by Klenze under instructions from King Ludwig. Which ultimately succeeded in 1742, thus all the structures erected by the court architects Joseph Effner and François de Cuvilliés served only the glorification of the House of Wittelsbach and the attainment of the imperial crown.

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München residenz

External links edit Coordinates, the actual private chambers of the royal couple at the back of the Königsbau no longer survive as they were destroyed in World War. The magnificent Bedchamber Paradeschlafzimmer served as the place for the electoral dressing procedure stream 57806, and later into the Königsbau, the extensive buildings for the royal stables do not longer exist. The Ancestral Gallery Ahnengallerie 14111N, the MaximilianJoseph Denkmal King MaximilianJoseph Memorial at MaxJosephPlatz MaximilianJoseph Square stands in front of the Königsbau. The complex of buildings contains ten courtyards and displays 11731 along with the Porcelain Cabinet both constructed by Joseph Effner and the Ornate Rooms Reichen Zimmer designed by François de Cuvilliés for Charles Albert metall are magnificent examples of the court Rococo style. Into the Stone Rooms at the Kaiserhof tract.

The Königsbau edit Munich Residenz, Königsbau (2014) Today's building is from the time of King Ludwig I of Bavaria (18251848 who instructed his architect Leo von Klenze to extend the palace.Königsbau (near the, max-Joseph-Platz the, alte Residenz (Old Residenz; towards the Residenzstraße) and the.The collection of relics of the Munich Residenz come from the era of the Counter-Reformation.

Bayerische Verwaltung der staatlichen Schlösser, Gärten und Seen München, 1970.