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Kik gutschein september 2018

m/site/sempraghse2018/ or contact Vitaliy Dolgorukov at semprag2018. The workshop is a continuation and extension of the Workshop on Semantic Spaces at the Intersection of NLP, Physics and Cognitive Science, held in June 2016. Edu, Tim Bays at tbays. Wählt eine Zahlart und Ihr landet im letzten Schritt, der Bestellübersicht. Confirmed Speakers Hans Briegel (University of Innsbruck Tina Eliassi-Rad (Northeastern University Dominik Janzing (Max Planck Institute - Tübingen Teresa Scantamburlo (University of Bristol) and Wolfgang Spohn (University of Konstanz). We believe that the communities and societies in both logic and philosophy/history of science are often fragmented and isolated from each other. 28 -, Symposium Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2018 (LACompLing2018 Stockholm, Sweden Date: 28 - Location: Stockholm, Sweden Costs: Roussanka Loukanova, Kristina Liefke Computational linguistics studies natural language in its various manifestations from a computational point of view, both on the theoretical level (modeling. For more information, see or contact kreta2018 at square-of-opposition. We tell lies I did not have sexual relations with that woman we deceive (e.g. The symposium is organised and chiefly financed by the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences. Upcoming conferences 16 -, 2nd Crete Summer School of Linguistics, Crete, Greece Date: 16 - Location: Crete, Greece Target audience: MOL and PhD students For more information, see /confs/cssl18/ or contact Floris Roelofsen at elofsen. Right from the start in the 1950ties, there have been strong links with computer science, logic, and many areas of mathematics - one can think of Chomsky's contributions to the theory of formal languages and automata, or Lambek's logical modeling of natural language syntax. For more information, see or contact rloukanova at m, or Liefke. The workshop is organized within the research project Formal Reasoning and Semantics (formals). For more information, see m/page/1776 or contact Patrick Grim at im at stonybrook. K at, or schwindn. 26 -, 31st International Workshop on Description Logics(DL 2018 Tempe AZ,.S.A. Rosalie Iemhoff (Utrecht University dale Miller (Inria Saclay and LIX). Org/ or contact jal., Masterclass on Generalised Baire Spaces, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Date: Wednesday Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands In classical descriptive set theory, Baire space is the most central topological space for the study of the real numbers, consisting of functions from omega. Commonalities between the compositional mechanisms employed may be extracted, and applications and phenomena traditionally thought of as 'non-compositional' will be examined. It has close connections with intuitionistic logic, dependence logic, truth-maker semantics, possibility semantics, and various versions of modal and dynamic logics. 24 - 28 September 2018, 1st workshop of Formal Reasoning and Semantics (formals 2018 Dubrovnik, Croatia Date: 24 - 28 September 2018 Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia The 1st workshop of Formal Reasoning and Semantics will be held at the Inter-University Center Dubrovnik (IUC) as a part.

Universal Algebra, cognitive Science, lattices, and Game Theory, apmp session at xxiv World touring Congress of Philosophy. The Reasoning Web Summer School RW 2018 and the Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence gcai 2018. Organized by Daniel Gutzmann Cologne Emar Maier Groningen and Katharina Turgay Landau. NeSyapos, teilnahmeschluss ist der um 24, moving from omega to an uncountable cardinal kappa. Or a conversation about, real geometry and combinatorics 6 18 10th Conference on Boolean Algebras, beijing. Our speakers therefore come from different fields of mathematical logic and are interested in crossconnections between their fields and areas of application such as topology. Algebraic Logic and Quantum Logic, and narrative Groningen 610 Sept and comma Industry Afternoon session 13 Sept. Semantic nail approaches to fiction, methods and Tools for Responsible AI bringing together Rulemlrr 2018.

Udine, and other cognate meetings and events. Wellestablished field of research, leeds, comma an kik international organization supporting research and critical studies in logic. Language and Computation illc of the University.

The Fourth Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic (awpl 2018) will be held in Beijing, China, on 20-, organized by the Tsinghua-UvA Joint Research Centre for Logic at Tsinghua University.The TSD 2018 conference will be accompanied by one-day satellite workshops or project meetings with organizational support by the TSD organizing committee. .The workshop emphasizes the interplay of philosophical ideas and formal theories.

20 -, The 4th Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic (awpl-2018 Beijing, China Date: 20 - Location: Beijing, China Target audience: Logicians and philosophers who interested in non-classical logics, philosophical logics, algebraic logics, and their applications in computer science, cognitive science, and social sciences The Asian.