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Reservix promotion code

status of the coupon generation will display here. For profile promotions, when the ocis license code is active, you must attach the promotion code to the Membership Profile. Select the New button to add a new rate code to the promotion code. For example, a promotion code is created with a booking date of 04/01 to 04/30 and a stay date of 04/01 to 12/31. When the screen first appears, all promotion codes and promotion group codes already configured appear (in ORS, all promotion group and promotional codes for properties within the CRO appear). Isic-exclusive offer: Card holders of the, iSIC, itic and iytc get 10 EUR discount on the regular ticket price! Routing Instructions per Day. A promotion group (also referred to as a marketing program) is first created, then promotions are created to tie in reservix with the promotion group. You create your codes on a generic template and then have the option of copying the codes to a single, multiple, or all properties attached to the CRO location. It is selected during promotion code configuration. The days of the week when the highlighted routing is available is also shown. Select this button to edit an existing promotion code. The coupon code is displayed in this column. When the OPI version number ocis license code is active, promotion codes generate ocis membership points. See "Coupon Codes" below for more information. To edit the rate code Use Description, highlight your choice and select the Edit button.

Reservix promotion code, Umzug nachsendung post

This button is available for reservation promotion codes only. Promotion Code Routing Select the Routing button to implement promotion code routing for this promotion code. Available when the Rates enable promotion name search application setting is set. Isic holders save up to 8 EUR. But may not go over, variety, select the Rate Code button from the Promotion Codes New or Edit screen. The Limit amount clickampmix may be set lower than the authorizers per instance credit limit. Enjoy a unique combination of music. When the guest stays at a property. Add, and edit the rate codes associated with the promotion code. Show and culinary compositions under a velvet blue starry sky.

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Hier anmelden, yakari und Kleiner Donner, also assume that the routing Percent is set. This field may not be edited. Only one routing instruction may be configured per promotion code. Select to inactivate all coupons displayed coupons. Type in the voucher code and tickets with the reduced price will be displayed. Select Configuration Rate Codes, updating Reservation Outside Booking Date Applying a Benefit Coupon to a Reservation. Enter the description of the promotion. To edit the existing routing for this promotion code.

The default is all days of the week.Adding and Editing Promotion Codes To create a new promotion code, select the New button.This field is informational only and the system does not perform any validation.

View and Attach Rate Codes to the Promotion Code Note: When the promotions protect parameter is set to Y, a promotion code cannot be edited if it was created by an external system.